VCS and Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland

The campaign

What it’s
all about

The “Stop for Schoolchildren” campaign run by Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS) and Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland on behalf of the Road Safety Fund helps drivers understand that schoolchildren are learner road users. At the same time, the campaign provides the necessary safety buffer with clear instructions.

Over the course of three years, the campaign addresses road users, wherever possible directly on the road and in the vicinity of school routes. Using posters, on the radio, at meetings and on social media, drivers are made aware of the message. Parents can also use exclusive products to make their children more visible and thus safer in traffic.

Five partners

Five organisations have joined forces for the “Stop for Schoolchildren” campaign, which are committed to the safety of schoolchildren on the road. These are the VCS, Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland on behalf of the Road Safety Fund, your local police and the Swiss Teachers’ Association (LCH).

300’000 products

More than 300’000 articles were produced for the campaign that help schoolchildren to be safe and to spread the message to public spaces. The products are aimed at children, parents, schools and the police.

2500 Posters

In order to effectively convey the message of the campaign, more than 2500 poster sites were selected individually throughout Switzerland. For example, the posters only hang close to pedestrian crossings and places where (potential) school routes are crossed.

Who’s behind it?

Road Safety Fund

The campaign is being carried out on behalf of the Road Safety Fund (FVS). Because human misconduct is by far the most common cause of accidents, the FVS is committed to lifelong learning. The Road Safety Fund (FVS) has the statutory mandate to promote the safety of all road users (car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians). The FVS is particularly concerned with protecting the weaker and weakest road users – pedestrians and cyclists.

Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz

The VCS Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz is an environmental association that has been committed to a people-friendly and sustainable transport policy since 1979. The VCS promotes the economical use of energy and is committed to ensuring safe roads for everyone. Whether by car, tram or bicycle, whether on foot or by train or bus – forms of mobility should be intelligently combined.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is the professional association of pedestrians. It is the Swiss centre of excellence for pedestrian traffic in residential areas and brings the perspective of pedestrians into transport policy. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is an advocate for pedestrians as well as a pioneer and co-designer of pedestrian-friendly traffic. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is particularly committed to helping children, senior citizens and the disabled – the most vulnerable groups of pedestrians.

Your local police force

When it comes to safety on the way to school, the focus is on the police. They are in direct contact with the two relevant target groups that encounter each other on the way to school: drivers and schoolchildren. The police are supporting the journey-to-school campaign with street campaigns and are present with awareness-raising and information materials. At school, the pupils learn from the traffic instructors how to move safely in traffic from kindergarten age upwards.

Swiss Teachers’ Association

The Swiss Teachers’ Association (LCH) is the umbrella organisation for teachers in Switzerland. It is an educational, professional-policy and solidarity-based association. The LCH is federally and democratically organised. It builds on the 21 cantonal sections and brings together 13 intercantonal professional associations from kindergarten to tertiary level. The LCH supports the campaign with its expertise, network, communication channels and publications for teachers.

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz