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Do you want to become an action partner and add your own individual touch? Then you are exactly right with us! As an open and dynamic campaign, we are always looking for committed partners to give personality to our message.

What happened so far

The “Stop for Schoolchildren” campaign by the Verkehrs-Club der Schweiz (VCS) and Fussverkehr Schweiz has caused a stir throughout Switzerland – literally. 2500 posters, over 300,000 products and 4.6 million drivers we asked to take action.

School+Bike Alliance

The School+Bike Alliance is an information platform for all matters relating to schools and bikes. Together with its partners, Schule+Velo presents targeted offers on the website and imparts knowledge so that the bicycle can be integrated holistically into everyday school life. The platform is a helpful guide for teachers who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and sustainability in the educational environment.

With the summer newsletter to schools, Schule+Velo is supporting the campaign



Swiss Bike Park Oberried

The Swiss Bike Park Oberried gets young people excited about cycling and biking. It offers free training opportunities and courses where young people can improve their riding technique, have fun and take part in sporting activities. The park is a unique meeting place and prevention project for Switzerland.

Over 11,000 young people in Switzerland took part in the “Bike2school” campaign. The Swiss Bike Park congratulated all participating schools and surprised them with a card and a give-away. In collaboration with the Swiss Bike Park, we used the map to draw teachers’ attention to the free offer of the school route campaign.

Association of Swiss Communes (ASC)


More than 1500 municipalities and cities have chosen to be members of the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC). For good reason: at the political level, the ASC advocates for the interests of the municipalities at the federal level and thus directly strengthens them. The ASC informs about topics relevant to municipalities in its trilingual association magazine «Schweizer Gemeinde». In addition, the municipalities benefit from numerous projects that are jointly implemented by the ASC and its partners.

The association also supports the “Stop for schoolchildren” campaign with a newsletter placement.

CITY of Zurich


On Mühlebachstrasse and Zollikerstrasse, the city of Zurich has created the second cycle priority route. The route is already heavily used by cyclists, which means that schoolchildren sometimes have to wait a long time at the crossings. To make crossing easier and increase the safety of schoolchildren, traffic will be slowed down by means of ramps in front of the school buildings. The city uses signs and pictograms to remind road users to drive particularly carefully around school buildings.

To make cyclists aware of the need to stop, the city of Zurich supported our campaign with a distribution campaign. On a sunny morning in May, chocolate hearts were distributed to cyclists. Together with the message “Stop for schoolchildren”, this drew attention to the problem.

Weather alarm - the weather app


Wetter-Alarm provides up-to-date weather forecasts, shows panoramic images from over 450 webcams and warns of severe weather. The weather alarm app is a free service provided by the cantonal building insurance companies.

From 2024, Wetter-Alarm will support our campaign as a campaign partner. A 14-day goodwill campaign is planned for the start of school in January and August. The “Stop for schoolchildren” message will appear in the app for two weeks.
Thanks to the support of Wetteralarm, we will reach 60,000 active users every day when school starts after the winter and summer, and we will be able to send our appeal for more school route safety to drivers a total of 800,000 times in this way.

Goldbach Neo


Goldbach Neo shows the world of outdoor advertising in all its facets. As a powerful and versatile medium, Out of Home is suitable for numerous target groups. The school route campaign in particular reaches car drivers directly where dangerous situations occur. Goldbach Neo supports us with 200 F4 positions as a freespace and thus enables us to make “Stopping for Schoolchildren” even better known.



ZipScreen is a young Bernese company in the DOOH sector and operates digital advertising spaces at highly frequented locations in and around Bern.
ZipScreen is supporting our campaign as a campaign partner in January 2024. For the start of school, we can benefit from a 5-day free space to spread our message “Stop for school children” more widely.



Thanks to Livesystems, our message has reached the whole of Switzerland since August 21, 2023. As part of our collaboration, Livesystems is providing us with their DOOH screens in the gas station environment for two weeks. The campaign addresses motorists in particular with the aim of making them aware of the safety measures around the way to school. This way we can let our children go off on their own without worry. Over 2,700 screens at 489 locations and 9.9 million impressions give our campaign the visibility it needs.

Volketswil municipal police

Thanks to the municipal police, the way to school in Volketswil was safer for 190 kindergarteners and 210 pupils in 2022. True to the motto “Children’s drawings instead of buses”, they drew attention to the action. Read the full report here.



They are passionate about driving and actively use every driving lesson as an action partner. The learning vehicles are equipped with a magnetic board that carries the message “Stop for School Children” to the region. With every driving lesson, they automatically advocate for more consideration in road traffic. And set a good example.



Local and online: Zürioberland24 is the most popular platform in the municipality of Gossau. Extensive coverage was given to the “Stop for School Children” campaign and the Zurich Police Corps’ content was shared on social media. The platform enjoys the trust of a large, local readership and was thus an even greater asset for spreading our message.

Zurich Police Corps

The social media campaign of the Zurich police corps, consisting of the Zurich Cantonal Police, Zurich City Police, Winterthur City Police and the municipal police, reached over 183,500 users*. On Facebook and Instagram, they provide information on the topic of road safety and answer the most important questions directly from the community.

Action partner

Do you want to become an action partner and add your own individual touch? Then you are exactly right with us! As an open and dynamic campaign, we are always looking for committed partners to give personality to our message.



Support our campaign and carry the message with our products into the public space.


As an open and dynamic campaign, we are always looking for committed partners to give personality to our message.

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz