VCS and Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland



Acting with foresight

Children have a limited field of perception. They can take in less information at once. In particular, they miss out on movement in the periphery.

Seeing the big picture

Children are small – they have a completely different perspective. Everything seems bigger, longer and wider to them than to adults. Accordingly, they perceive dangers differently or not at all.

Locating and classifying sounds correctly

Their orientation and hearing are not yet fully developed. Children therefore find it difficult to distinguish between left and right or to determine where a sound is coming from.

Not being distracted

Children have a constant urge for exercise, play and discovery, are easily distracted, impulsive and dreamy. For example, they forget the dangers of the road when they discover their playmates or other exciting things.

Identifying dangers in good time

In road traffic, children still have to learn to focus their attention on the essentials and anticipate dangers.

Estimating distances and speeds correctly

Children are unable to estimate speeds and distances correctly. For example, they have no idea how long a car will take to stop. Or why it takes longer for a lorry to come to a standstill after a braking manoeuvre.

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz