VCS and Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland



In case of doubt

Be particularly careful if children are to be expected on the road, especially if there are signs that they are not paying attention to the traffic (Art.26 (2) of the Road Traffic Act, RTA). In such cases, stopping is always the safe choice.

In congested traffic

Even if there is no pedestrian crossing, stop if you are driving in dense traffic on the road and children want to cross it (Art. 6 (3) TRegO).

At the pavement crossing

Stop completely before crossing the pavement, in order to give children the right of way (Art. 41 (2) TRegO).

In the pedestrian priority zone

Stop fully despite low speed if children want to cross the driving area of a pedestrian priority zone (Art. 22b(1) of the Road Signs Ordinance, RSO).

On a pedestrian crossing

Stop completely in front of the pedestrian crossing if a child wants to cross the road (Art. 6 (1) of the Traffic Regulations Ordinance, TRegO). In road safety lessons, children only learn to cross the road when the vehicle comes to a complete halt.

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz

VCS und Fussverkehr Schweiz